Internet Marketing for Beginners and the Confused

If you are new to internet marketing, then this article is exactly what you need. You are going to learn here what internet marketing is, and where you can learn it.

By now, you have probably read some info online about internet marketing for beginners. You have seen a lot of articles and forums about this topic; it’s natural to be a little confused

Let’s organize the information. First, what is internet marketing?

Internet marketing is what any promotion of product or service that is done through the internet.

Online promotion methods includes:

· Article marketing

· Video marketing

· Social marketing

· Forum marketing

· SEO marketing

· PPC marketing

· Affiliate marketing

· PPM marketing

· Pay Per Lead marketing

· Viral marketing

· Email marketing

· Niche marketing

Obviously, I can’t give you everything in one article, not even in one eBook; but I can tell you where you can learn it.

No matter what you want to learn, you have three options. Read here about your option, and learn the pros and cons of each.

1. Free online information

Includes online articles, forum posts, free eBooks, and every other info you don’t have to pay for.


· It’s free

· You can find a lot of information very quickly


· Although there is a lot of information, it is scattered all over the web.

· It provides unreasonable expectations. Did you really think you can really learn internet marketing by reading a few articles?

· Many internet marketers uses the free information to attract you the paid ones, which is more valuable.

2. Paid eBooks.

All eBook that are written and sold by experienced internet marketers. Other forms of paid eBooks are just as good as the free ones.


· It provides valuable information from an expert in the field.

· It saves you a lot of time looking for the free and scattered information online.


· Most people won’t feel comfortable to send the author a question if they don’t understand something.

· Usually, eBooks provide you information, but not the tools you need.

· It’s not free

3. Subscription websites.

Websites that give information, tools and an access to a forum, for paid members only. Like with eBooks, an experienced internet marketer needs to manage the website.


· It provides valuable information from an expert in the field

· Through the forum you can find valuable information from other experts.

· You can learn about what kind of problem people are having in the online marketing field, and how to avoid those problems.

· All the information you need is organized in one place.

· You have the tools you need to market online.

· You can always ask question, and get a respond from an experienced online marketer.


· You need to pay on a monthly basis.

You next stop should be to decide if you want to focus on free information, paid eBooks, or subscription websites. After that, learn how spot the valuable information.

Then, learn all the info, until you have enough to start marketing online.