How to make your vagina more sensitive

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The vigina is here most sensitive part of her body, so be gentle, loving and remember to stay present. When the pain or numbness is almost gone, you move to the next point and de-armour the whole vagina from the opening and then further in. You can use lubricant or Coconut oil. And even those I was sometimes faking until I was 30… After the de-armouring, it took me just one day before I experienced my first G-Spot orgasm and two weeks after I had my first vaginal orgasm. Here are the steps, just make sure the person doing this has read all the steps carefully before you start especially the last part if you are pregnant Vaginal de-armouring: You could even develop an allergy to substances in these adhesives, and end up breaking out in eczema every time you use duct or masking tape in the future, Dr. This article originally appeared on Health.

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The emotions can be released through this process and she may cry, scream or laugh.

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5 things you really shouldn't be doing to your breasts

Let the women guide you on how hard you actually can press. If you are pregnant and consider de-armouring, you should consult your physician before doing so. When the cervix is fully de-armoured, instead of having pain, the cervix will start to get really horny… For me about 5 times hornier than the clitoris. Kimmie shared her hardware-store breast hack on her web page: The woman can also press out the pain towards the fingers, like she is giving birth. Celebs like Kylie Jenner and Rihanna proudly flash nipple rings, but beware this intimate style statement:

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how to make your vagina more sensitive
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how to make your vagina more sensitive
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