Results of sex survey

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The conclusion is based on the fact that persons with the preference turned out to more often have younger than older siblings. In particular, we found that having a smoking mother is associated with a sexual attraction to smoking see figure below. Detta tyder på att mamman påverkar vad deras söner uppfattar som sexuellt attraktivt, och att pappan påverkar vad deras döttrar uppfattar som sexuellt attraktivt. Dailymail är Storbritanniens motsvarighet till Exponeringen och Aftonbabblet vilket gör det till en ej tillförlitlig källa. Such parental influences may reflect early learning of sexual preferences, although alternative explanations, such as genetically inherited preferences, cannot be entirely ruled out for all traits.

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Maxim’s 2013 Sex Survey Results

Over respondents took one of these surveys during almost 2 years of sampling. Results also indicate that there may be a sensitive period for acquistion of this and other sexual preferences in between the first 1,5 to 5 years in life. The study yielded very interesting results. The mean number of sexual partners had increased to We find that people prefer most often parts of the body or objects associated with the body such as items of clothingwhile preferences for other objects are more rare. As head of the Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality, Finnish sociologist Osmo Kontula is preparing his presidential address to be delivered at the society’s November conference. Det är möjligt att denna påverkan reflekterar tidig inlärning av sexuella preferenser.

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results of sex survey
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results of sex survey
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